Neutrik NA-USB surround and support


Tire of having the flimsy rubber grommet not actually support your neutrik? Want more color options? Want to prevent the USB port itself from moving? This is your fix! Package includes both the outer gasket and inner port support.

Great support for the Neutrik port and looks good too.

Always quality work. Thank you

This item is exactly how I expected it to be. Solid quality 3D printed piece to make my stick look as solid as possible. Thanks!

Buttercade stuff is the best hands down! Had a small issue with something I bought on from focusattack that was a product from Buttercade, I messaged J and he helped me out with the product and without letting me know, when I placed an order from his shop on Etsy for some other items, he sent me a replacement usb door that I was having issues with. Talk about backing up your product and taking care of your customer! Buttercade is Awesome!

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