Area 51 fightstick enclosure


The Aliens have landing and we have turned the mothership into a fightstick. Area 51 is a 3d printed and laser cut acrylic fightstick enclosure unlike any other on the market.

It is designed to house a Sanwa JLF, 8x 30mm button of choice (screw in) and 4x 16mm buttons for admin functions. The lever mount acts double duty as a mount for your Brook UFB or other PCB.

This includes both sides, top and bottom panels as well as JLF mounting plate and
all necessary screws and mounting hardware is included. Just add buttons, a jlf and pcb of choice and you are ready to body your opponents in style!

While we strive for perfection. Please note these are custom 3d printed and some imperfections will occur.

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I love this case. Very sleekly styled.

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