Buttercade OpticIL lever


This is a pre-order listing for the Buttercade OpticIL lever. Estimated ship time is 8-10 weeks.

Sick and tired of hunting down a precious P360 or just want to try something new? Introducing the OpticIL!

OpticIL is a fully adjustable optical variation of the IL Eurostick. It comes equipped with one set of switches to adjust cardinal direction sensitivity, and another to adjust diagonals. This gives you 4 sensitivity settings for each.

The OpticIL PCB also has built in SOCD cleaning should your system PCB not.

Installed height is identical to a stock IL Eurostick. The Optical setup does not add any additional height.

Enjoy laser sharp precision, silence, and durability for years to come.

You will receive one complete lever with purchase. This includes an IL Eurostick, OpticIL PCB and acrylic led shields.


Photos are of a prototype PCB. Retail PCB May differ slightly.

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