Sanwa Jlf / Sanjuks V3 / Otto V5 stainless pivot


Looking for a quick, easy and inexpensive upgrade? Buttercade has you covered. These pivots are machined and mirror polished stainless steel. Glide through your movements with ease. Feel the clicking of switches through the balltop. Never worry about a worn pivot again.

My lever is ice-skating?! How? Freaking sweet upgrade. If you've got the Otto DIY V5 you don't even have to grease it. Simply amazing

best pivot in the market As soon as I installed it I felt the difference

Lovely. Paired with Murakumo Arts washers, you can see the pivot. Beautiful.

Omg, wow. I cannot describe the sensation of adding this to my V5 kit. It's wholly unique. It's both rigid and smooth. Like... ice skating on butter. When he says you can feel the microswitches, he's not joking! If you use an octogate, you can feel every nook of the gate. If you use a square, you can feel the switches individually, so you know when doing diagonals exactly when one of the switches has been depressed. Exceeded expectations. This will be going in EVERY JLF I have, aside from my V2 kit with the spring delete mod, which is also awesome as heck.

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