Antagonist Intro

Innovation.  We started out with levers.  Some moved to all button boxes.  Others moved to WASD.  More recently some have moved to a layout with movement buttons surrounding your action buttons that work independently of the lever.  This is something totally different. What we have here is a PCB that takes your inputs from a lever and reverses them with a button.  So, you are a Guile main.  You are holding back on your lever to charge a Sonic Boom.  While charging, press the button attached to the antagonist and your desired strength punch button and out comes a boom, with instant charging resumed via the lever.  Charging down?  Hit the button and kick and out comes a flash kick. Sounds both magical and impossible right?  Its not.  Its a reality, and it goes by the name Antagonist. There are currently 4 profiles available, with more to be added down the road. Profiles are switched via a smartphone app. Yes!  Antagonist has onboard Bluetooth! iOS app link or Android app link

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How to Use:

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