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Buttercade Snap Out Tool for Pushbuttons

Buttercade Snap Out Tool for Pushbuttons

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The SnapOut Tool quickly and neatly pops out any 24mm pushbutton/snap button without the risk of squeezing and popping the plastic side tabs.

The SnapOut  was an originally 3D printed tool, is now made of an attractive white nylon, with logo embedded in the top plunger.

A typical characteristic of snap buttons are their plastic tabs located on each side of the housing.  These tabs give way slightly as the button is pushed into the button hole, leading to satisfying snap as it clears the 1mm or so metal plate.  However, these tabs were not designed to handle multiple attempts to remove and insert the button. Additionally, removing snap buttons are frequently accomplished by squeezing the tabs together with your fingers and pushing down. Those fingers can push inward too hard, past the tolerances of the plastic tabs, and break them.


The Buttercade SnapOut Tool near 24mm diameter is designed to fit most common 24mm diameter pushbuttons, including:




Other off-brand snap buttons that are just under 30mm or less should also work without much trouble.


At just $7.95 - far less than eight Sanwa OBSC or OBSJ buttons - you'll find the savings are clear as from the very first button you recover without breaking its tabs. For those who have practically screamed in frustration for breaking the tabs in your newly purchased buttons, or simply wanted to swap in another set without destroying your previous buttons in the process, the Buttercade SnapOut Tool is a must-have. 



Only one (1) Buttercade SnapOut is needed.  You do not need to purchase a SnapOut for each button.


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